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Why PDA?

What Can Proprietary Data Analytics do for you?

More fun statistics

We provide high quality proprietary data to academic researchers in the fields of economics, finance, accounting, and more.

We offer unique services and turn-key solutions that academics need to help write the unique, high impact, and totally non-replicable research papers you need to get published in A rated journals, including:

  • Prohibitively expensive pricing
  • Unjustifiable single use data sources
  • Incoherant promotional literature
  • Custom, per-request data pulls
  • Vague and incomplete documentation
  • Non-standard identifiers
  • Continuously overwritten header tables
  • and so much more!

We provide a full suite of data and analytics to take advantage of todays hottest, least scrutinized, and most patently absurd identification strategies. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to help you make a high level “contribution” to the literature.


The Data You Need

The complete lack of replicability and external validity you don’t

Data that fits your needs

Unlike many industry oriented data providers, Proprietary Data Analytics is focused specifically on supplying data uniquely taylored for the hard working academic researcher. The moment a new editorial board signs onto a journal, PDA is hard at work curating data which will help validate the research agenda of those editors.

Maximize your

  • Publications
  • Citations
  • NBER invitations
  • Paid for attendence at ski conferences

All while minimizing your

  • Bothersome referee comments about lack of importance/contribution
  • Bothersome requests from colleagues about replication
  • Bothersome existential questions about what the hell you’re doing with your life

Custom link files

Need to link our data to standard datasets from Fred, WRDS, or Edgar for extra good robustness? Sure, you do! But how?

With our custom, hand matched link files.

How were they created? Who linked what now? How can I match anything in this crazy paper?

It’ll be our secret…    …and your proprietary data!

Premade email templates for requests to provide code

Sometimes, even prohibitively expensive data isn’t enough to keep other researchers from bothering you, trying to replicate your stuff. That’s why, along with each data pull, we provide you with a custom email reply template. Data?

Depending on the rank of your institution, we can even set them to auto-reply!


Turbo-charge your analytics!

Diff-in-Diff! IV! RDD! Natural experiments!

We make weak instruments strong!

The causal effect of our services on knowing winks from your Dean.

reg y x

reg x y

areg y x, absorb(id)

areg y x i.id2 size log(size) log(naics) ///
  i.year i.month i.year_and_month  ///
  i.year_month_day_hour_second, absorb(variation) vce(cluster century)

ivreg2 y x (x = widely_accepted_in_the_literature)

Identify, rinse, repeat


No good!


Oooooh, how did that happen?

You’re adorable. Now stop asking questions nobody cares about, and bring it home!


Impactful. Research. Agenda.

Get right with your t-statistics!

            y |    Coef.     t 
causal_effect |  .926241   2.14
  • No! Too small! Must be data mining!
            y |    Coef.     t 
causal_effect |  .926241   9.46
  • No! Too big! Cluster that crap!
            y |    Coef.     t 
causal_effect |  .926241   3.16
  • High five, Goldilocks! Bring it on down to Tenure-ville!

Theater of Magic!


We here at Proprietary Data Analytics know that there is an entire profession out there waiting to see your paper. That’s why we provide the tools you need to dazzle ‘em’.

Check those sleeves! Watch those hands! Hey, remember Stats 203 with Dr. Greene? Can’t fool you, seminar participant!

  • Did you cluster the standard errors?
    • Did you double cluster the standard errors?
      • Did you cluster at the state level?
        • The national level?
          • The planet level?

Yup! (That’s our homoskedastic guarantee!)

  • Umm, did you control for size?
    • Industry fixed-effects?
      • Firm fixed-effects?
        • Firm-year fixed effects?
          • Observation fixed effects?

Robust to them all!

Wait, what?


Uh Oh, it’s the Endogeneity Police! 😉


You: Oh hi Officer Friendly? How can I help you?

Officer Hardass: Uh yeah! What about…    …endogeneity!

You: Oh, gosh. I sure do hope I don’t have any endogeneity problems. That’s why I’m using a kewl identification technique! It’s Standard in the Literature.™

Officer Hardass: I don’t know. It seems like it could still be…



You: That’s a really good point. I’ll definitely check that out exactly as you say.

Officer Hardass: See that you do, citizen! See that you do!

All our variables of interest are guaranteed to be exogenous within the scope of the sample!

How do we do it? Verticle integration and volume pricing!

Also, stop asking so many questions.

Add-on Services

Additional Services

Excellent Research Assistance

Need some additional help? Choose from one of our top flight graduate research assistants, including:

  • Mindy Saint-Ilyaaruuk
  • Yazuki Chen-Nguyen
  • JBP Patelberg
  • and The Mysterious Garzoob

These top-notch research assistants will

  • hand collect your data
  • clean all your code
  • validate your existing theoretical work/ego

Thank you! And when their visa expires, they will conveniently take their computer and datalogs and return to Kerplankistan where email has unfortunately banned by Xi Jinping, or Hassan Rouhani, or M. Bison.

Blame it on your missing co-author

As this is an extra special service, you will need to contact us via the “dark web.”

  1. Please download TOR and
  2. Look for us here http://torlinkbgs6aabns.onion under “Friends of Hayek”.

Satisfied Customers

Now you might ask yourself, is this too good to be true? Don’t take it from us! Just ask the experts!

Look, if it’s in the journal, it’s true enough. Move on. — A+ Economics Journal Editor

What is truth? We are all just dust in the wind. — A+ Accounting Journal Editor

Would you quit bothering me, Ivo? — A+ Finance Journal Editor

This is a widely used database at Harvard. — Harvard Journal Editor

Wow! Those are some strong endorsements!

So what are you waiting for? Email us at for particulars. You won't be dissapointed!

Well maybe a little dissapointed, but in yourself, not our products. And you really should just get over that.